Ways to Support Teacher Well Being in the Pandemic and Beyond

There’s no doubt that the educational system has undergone a complete 180-turn over the last year, and while there’s plenty of discussion on how that has impacted students and parents, teachers are often left out of the picture. However, it’s vital to keep educators at the forefront as their experience of the system has a direct impact on a child’s educational journey.

Exploring the Need to Support Teacher Wellbeing

Teachers everywhere are experiencing the epidemic of stress, a situation brought about by consistently increasing workloads as well as the need for teachers to manage conflict for students and support trauma-based instructions, and COVID-19 has only exacerbated this situation.

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Creating a Supportive Environment for Teachers During this Trying Time

It’s vital that the system protects the wellbeing of teachers, making sure they are facilitated in these unprecedented times.

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PTAs and PTOs Can Help as Well

PTAs and PTOs are a vital aspect of the educational system, and they can play their part in supporting teachers. As a PTA or PTO, your first course of action should be to communicate with teachers and figure out what their current needs are as this will give you a sense of direction. Then, based on the responses you’ve garnered, your organisation should offer wellbeing offerings such as yoga, meditation, coaching, or self-care applications.

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