“Re-Energize Your PTA: Tactics to Rise Above the Norm”

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5 min readMar 17, 2023


Re-Energize PTA Introduction

The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is a crucial organization that promotes the welfare of children and youth in schools. However, over time, PTA membership has declined, leading to less involvement and impact on school communities. To re-energize your PTA, there are several tactics to consider that can help you rise above the norm.

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First, it’s important to create a strong mission statement that resonates with parents and caregivers. A clear mission statement will help define your goals and attract members who share similar values. Secondly, consider implementing creative strategies that engage both parents and students alike. This can include hosting fun events such as carnivals or auctions where funds raised go towards supporting school programs.

Finally, make it easy for parents to learn about what the PTA is doing. Utilize social media to increase awareness about your PTA and its initiatives. Regularly posting updates about upcoming events or highlighting successful projects is a great way to encourage community involvement while keeping members informed. By following these tactics, you can successfully re-energize your PTA and make a positive impact on your school community for years to come.

Tactics to Improve Participation

One tactic to improve participation in your PTA is to host events that are family-friendly and engaging. Family movie nights, game nights, and craft fairs are all great ways to get families involved in the community. Activities that involve children can also be a hit, such as scavenger hunts or talent shows.

Another tactic is to utilize social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to keep members informed about upcoming events and activities. These platforms allow for easy communication with members who may not have been able to attend meetings in person but still want to stay involved. By implementing these tactics, you can re-energize your PTA and increase participation among members.

Create Incentives

One effective way to re-energize your PTA is to create incentives for members. These incentives can come in different forms, such as recognition, rewards, and perks. For example, you can recognize the member who has contributed the most to the PTA by giving them a certificate or trophy at the end of the year. This not only acknowledges their hard work but also motivates others to strive for excellence.

Another way to incentivize members is through rewards such as discounts or freebies. You can partner with local businesses and offer discounts on their products or services exclusively for PTA members. This not only provides value for your members but also helps strengthen community ties.

Lastly, consider offering exclusive perks for active PTA members such as priority parking or seating at school events or access to special events. These types of benefits help create a sense of belonging and pride among your members which ultimately leads to increased engagement and participation in PTA activities.

Leverage Digital Communication

Digital communication has revolutionized the way we interact with one another. The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) can leverage these tools to re-energize their organization and rise above the norm. Email, social media, and messaging platforms like Slack allow PTAs to communicate quickly and efficiently with members in real time. They can also use these channels to share updates, event details, and important announcements.

Another way digital communication can benefit PTAs is by allowing them to reach a broader audience beyond their immediate community. By creating online groups or pages on social media platforms, PTAs can engage with parents from different schools or regions who may be interested in their events or initiatives. This strategy not only increases visibility but also promotes collaboration among different PTA organizations.

Lastly, digital communication provides an opportunity for PTAs to get feedback from their members through surveys or polls. These tools allow members to express their opinions anonymously which could lead to more honest responses. Ultimately this feedback will help the PTA leadership team make informed decisions that benefit all organization members.

Offer Unique Events

One way to re-energize your PTA is to offer unique events that go beyond the usual bake sales and car washes. Consider hosting a trivia night or game tournament where parents and students can compete in teams. Another idea is to organize a cultural fair where families can share their heritage through food, music, and dance.

These events not only offer something different for members but also provide an opportunity for community building. By involving families in planning and execution, they can feel more invested in the success of the PTA. Additionally, unique events can attract new members who may have been hesitant to join before.

Overall, offering unique events provides a chance for your PTA to stand out and create memorable experiences for members while also strengthening relationships within the school community.

Connect with Community

Connecting with the community is a crucial aspect of re-energizing your PTA. Hosting events that bring together parents, teachers, and students can create a sense of unity and strengthen relationships within your school community. Consider organizing family-friendly events like movie nights, potlucks, or game nights.

Another way to connect with the community is by partnering with local businesses. Collaborating with nearby shops and restaurants can provide opportunities for fundraising and networking. For example, you could arrange a percentage night where a portion of sales from a specific time period goes towards supporting your PTA.

Finally, social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are powerful tools for connecting with your community online. Posting regular updates about upcoming events or sharing photos from previous activities can keep families engaged and informed. Encouraging parents to share their own experiences on social media further strengthens the sense of community within your PTA.

Engage the Youth

One of the most important things to consider when re-energizing your Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is how to engage the youth. While parents are essential for organizing and fundraising, it’s the students who will ultimately benefit from the PTA’s efforts. Therefore, it’s crucial to make sure that they feel included and invested in the organization.

One way to engage youth is by creating a student council or advisory board within the PTA structure. This group could be made up of middle school and high school students who can provide valuable insight into what programs and initiatives would be most beneficial to their peers. Additionally, working with local schools to establish a mentorship program between older and younger students could create an excellent opportunity for leadership development while fostering a sense of community.

Another tactic for engaging youth is by offering volunteer opportunities at events that directly impact them, such as school dances or field trips. Providing these chances not only helps build relationships between students and adults but also empowers young people to take ownership of their community by contributing in meaningful ways. Ultimately, including kids in decision-making processes shows them that their opinions matter and can create lifelong advocates for education initiatives supported by your PTA.

Conclusion: Rise Above Norm

In conclusion, rising above the norm in your PTA requires creativity and a willingness to take risks. It is crucial to understand that the norm is not always sufficient for achieving success. To rise above it, one must be prepared to challenge the status quo and think outside the box.

Encouraging members to participate in meetings and events can increase their sense of ownership within the organization, leading to greater commitment and enthusiasm for its goals. By embracing new tools and tactics, PTAs can break free from traditional limitations and achieve more than they ever thought possible.