District improvement plans all across the country include equity, diversity and/or inclusion in their strategic plan. But the details of those plans, and their effectiveness, vary dramatically depending on what the district does to implement change. So if you are looking at creating an effective plan, what are the key elements and where do you start? This blog will share the top 5 tips for getting started.

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Find Equity Champions

Find equity champions on your campus. These may be teachers, administrators and parents — and should be a combination thereof — who have either brought issues to your attention or have indicated interest…

Did you know that Parent Teacher Associations and Parent Teacher Organizations have a meaningful difference? This blog will talk about that difference and what that might mean to you as a parent or association leader.

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The National Parent Teacher Association is a 120-year-old organization that has long advocated for children at the federal level. It has a network of over 4 million families that work to improve our children’s organization. If your organization is labeled as a PTA, you have access to this network and the benefits thereof. There are two main ways you have access to additional resources —…

The PTA and PTO mission is to advocate for our children. Similarly, a school’s mission is typically to further our children’s education as well as social and emotional growth. In order to effectively do both of these things, understanding children’s basic needs is critical. In a blog post we discussed those basic needs and some things a school community can do to address those needs. In this article, we feature three additional tips, by Kristina Campos, for educators to help children thrive.

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Tip #1: Provide stability and predictability…but in a pandemic, how?

When you create a stable and predictable schedule, children know what to expect and it provides a lot…

What every child needs is security, acceptance, and power. How do we as educators, administrators, PTA leaders or PTO leaders, and boosters help kids meet these needs? Kristina Campos, parent educator from the Impactful Parent, joined The Multipurpose Room podcast to discuss each of these needs and how we can help.

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Children Need Security

What do we mean by security?

There are two parts to security. The first is physical security and the second is being secure in your support network. The first is easy to understand — kids want to know they won’t be physically hurt on the playground, on the field, or in their walk to school…

The struggle is real…how do you collect money from your members and tie that money to a form they are filling out. Back in the day, things were simple. When you were running your crazy sock fundraiser, you collected a form with an attached check (or cash) and it was somewhat straightforward to manage. Now that much of the school group work is online, you may be wondering how to manage your Venmo, Paypal, checks, and other forms of payment. And how do you tie those to the forms people are filling out to order the books, crazy socks, etc…

Springtime better weather, blooms, and the beginning of school year end wrap up. The more we can do to prepare at the end of the school year, the better we set everyone up for the fall. If you are a parent teacher organization leader who is thinking about how to transition, we have the top 5 areas to focus on this spring.

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Running a Successful Election

First, you need to prepare for an election. This last year has been different from many others — the pandemic has forced people to do things in a different way. In light of this, be sure to check…

Over the last decade, consumer behavior has shifted to more and more purchases being made online. Now layer a pandemic on top of the changes already taking place and 59% of consumers now prefer to shop online. This means that parents and students are expecting to be able to buy their school apparel online and schools who don’t already have such an option are rushing to set one up. But one of the concerns we hear about online shopping is how to understand if what you’re getting is quality apparel since you can’t physically feel it. And, what can you…

If you are just launching your PTO, PTSA, PTA or other school organization, you may be overwhelmed on where to start. You may also be new to the world of parent teacher groups and want some background information. There are a lot of resources out there so we wanted to compile a list of the most helpful ones.

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Launching a New PTO, PTA, or PTSA

First, it is important to create your organization’s mission. Look at your school’s mission and think of how you can support that. Most parent teacher association statements include some variation of promoting children’s wellbeing, advocating for children, encouraging communication between parents and…

There is a lot of talk amongst PTA, PTO and school group leaders about partnering with local businesses for fundraising and/or community partnerships. These are invaluable partnerships, but what of your PTA is looking to expand its partnerships? On a recent episode of The Multipurpose Room we hosted Travis Johnson, host of The Nonprofit Architect . Travis has a background in forming partnerships with service organizations and has some great tips for schools.

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What are service organizations?

They have a variety of names but include common clubs such as Rotary club, Kiwanis, Eagles, Masons, etc. Their commonality is that their…

Although the school year is only about halfway through, now is a great time to start thinking about how to set up your PTA, PTO or PTSA successor. This advice applies to any non-profit, actually, and it is something I have done for all of the nonprofit boards I have served on. If you’re lucky, when you came in to your role, you received a procedure book. You may only need to augment the book with what you did this year. …

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